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Prospect Kit

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Prospect Kit Empty Prospect Kit

Post by Shane_Moscropp Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:13 am

The kit below would be given to you along with your prospect vest.
This should be at all times in your saddle bag or on your person.
The kit contains:

* Notepad
* Pens/pencils (2)
* Lighter/matches
* Multi-tool (contains: mini knife, Corckscrew, bottle cap opener, Tin can opener, letter opener, mini saw.)
* Up-to-date mini tool-kit (contains cross screwdriver and a flat head and a number 12 socket wrench)
* Spare Support local 1819 Tshirt.
* Cigarettes
* Rolling paper and filters
* Miniature First aid bag.
* Condoms and Tampons
* Small sewing kit

Anything you see a patched member asks somewhere for but it is not provided, you can add that to the kit..


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